19 Inches Wheel Hub Covers Fit Tesla Model Y


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This 19-inch hubcap is suitable for the Tesla Model Y 2020-2023. It is a good replacement for the old cover and will protect your wheel hub from damage, ensuring extended wheel life.


  • ALL-AROUND PROTECTION】Give your Tesla Model Y 19-inch wheels full 360-degree protection with our all-around wheel covers.

  • EXCELLENT DURABILITY】 Our wheel covers are made of high-quality ABS material, 19 inches, ensuring long-lasting performance, heat resistance, and a new look for your vehicle.

  • PREMIUM STYLE】Our new style wheel covers enhance your vehicle’s visual appeal and overall beauty.

  • PERFECT FIT】Our double-sided clamping design ensures a secure, worry-free fit on your Tesla Model Y 19-inch wheels, ensuring you’re confident on the road.
  • EASY TO INSTALL】Easily boost your Model Y with our 19-inch wheel covers to complete the look of your ride with an easy installation process.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size:19 Inches
  • Applicable Models: for Tesla Model Y
  • Installation Type: Snap-On


  • Only suitable for Tesla Model Y 19-inch Gemini wheels.


  • 4 x wheel covers


  • After removing the original hub cap, find the valve position reserved on the new hub cap (as shown below), and use this as a reference to align the hub.

  • Align the new hub cap with the wheel hub, first press the center, and then press from all sides until the hub cap does not fall off.

  • How to remove the hub cap? Hold the hub cap with both hands and pull it out.

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19 Inches Wheel Hub Covers Fit Tesla Model Y

Availability: In stock

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