Forged rims18, 19, 20-inch wheels for Audi A6A7A8(1pc)


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This wheel hub is available in sizes 18, 19, and 20, which is suitable for Audi A6A7A8 upgraded wheels. The gunmetal gray car surface and Y-shaped tree branch design are generally used in high-performance models to add dynamics and sportiness to your car.


Fits: For Audi A6A7A8
Dimension: 18*8/19*8.5/20*9
Offset: 28/30
Lugs: 5
Bolt Pattern: 112
CB: 66.45
Style: Y-shaped branch
Material: t6061-t6
Not Included:  Lug Nuts, TPMS



【Forging process】

  •  High strength and durability: The forged wheel hub is hot-processed and cold-processed, and has a higher density and uniform fiber structure, giving it excellent strength and resistance to deformation, and can withstand large loads and vibrations.
  •  Lightweight: Since the metal blank can be shaped in a precise shape during the forging process, material waste and unnecessary weight can be greatly reduced, thereby achieving a lightweight design of the wheel hub. Lighter wheels help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and improve fuel efficiency and suspension performance.
  • Reduce vibration and noise: Due to the uniform structure and high density of the forged wheel hub, vibration and noise during wheel operation can be effectively reduced. This improves driving comfort and reduces fatigue.

【 Enhanced performance】

  •  resistance of its forged wheels is more than 30% stronger than that of ordinary castings, and it is lightweight, allowing your car to save fuel and maximize performance. Its heat resistance can better protect car tires and extend the service life of tires.

Meticulous packaging】

  • Our packaging is made of three layers on the inside and three layers on the outside, which are reinforced packaging. You can rest assured during the transportation process. When you get it, it will match the actual product in the picture.


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Forged rims18, 19, 20-inch wheels for Audi A6A7A8(1pc)
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